Ben Bergeron trains some of the world’s fittest athletes. A former Ironman competitor, triathlete and CrossFit Games competitor, he has coached athletes to six world championships. Ben is considered one of the top coaches in the sport of CrossFit. He created and continues to provide CompTrain for free as a way of sharing his knowledge with the CrossFit community.

Ben has dedicated his life to helping others become the best version of themselves. He founded CrossFit New England in 2008, where he coaches his members on their quest to improve their fitness, health, and approach to life beyond the gym.


Head Coach

Harry Palley was Ben and Heather’s first hired coach at CrossFit New England in 2009. A former Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps, Harry has always found his passion in working as a collective team, for the betterment of the group. Taking deep pride in his mission, he aims to help others become not only become better athletes, but better human beings.

As Head Coach, Harry creates the programming for CompTrain and CrossFit New England.



Dan DeLomba joined the CompTrain team in early 2016, and has been an invaluable catalyst towards growing the program. Today, along with working with athletes across the divisions, Dan manages CompTrain Class. Writing the detailed lesson plans from warmup to execution, Dan’s mission is to deliver the best possible experience to fellow gym’s and coaches.

Dan is also a full-time coach at CrossFit New England, where he is best known as the creative mind behind the workout names.



Christine tells the story of CompTrain philosophy, athletes and events in support of the broader CT mission—making better people and better athletes. She publishes the CompTrain Photo Journal during CompTrain Camp and contributed to Chasing Excellence with Ben Bergeron.

Christine is a full-time coach at CrossFit New England, where she also doubles as Media Director. She has also supported the CrossFit Games Media team since 2013.

Christine lives in Boston, where she refuses to acclimate to New England winter.



Tim works behind the scenes to support CompTrain and resolve any issues CompTrain athletes have with their accounts. Tim has been a member of CrossFit New England since 2015 and strives to extend the same compassion he has experienced at CFNE to all members of the CompTrain family.

Tim is a self-proclaimed science nerd and while working will sometimes pretend he’s Walter White from Breaking Bad.