Open 19.4 Strategy

Friday March 15, 2019
Harry Palley

19.4 is a capacity test of bar-muscle ups. The first couplet is a buy-in designed to challenge our gymnastics. To get our best score in 19.4, we’ll build our strategy around these bar muscle-ups. Figure out what group you’re in and attack accordingly:⁣

Group 1 ⁣
Athletes going unbroken on the bar muscle-ups, no questions asked. Let’s send it in the opening couplet. We can afford to drop the hammer in the first three rounds, knowing our muscle-ups will be unaffected.⁣

Group 2⁣
Athletes breaking the bar muscle-ups into 2-3 sets. With the goal of minimizing breaks in the second couplet, we want to leave something in the tank during the opening couplet. Any seconds gained in the first half of the workout will disappear if fatigue forces us to break more often on the muscle-ups.⁣

Group 3⁣
Athletes completing the bar muscle-ups in singles. Every muscle-up represents hundreds of spots on the leaderboard, so we want to set ourselves up for success in part 2 by pacing part 1. Resist the urge to sprint through the first couplet to buy more time; we’ll be far more capable on the bar if we show up ready.⁣