Open 19.3 Strategy

Friday March 8, 2019

Open 19.3 is all about gymnastics. With three first-time-in-the-Open movements, we have a 10:00 cap to complete a four-station chipper. Dumbbell overhead lunges, dumbbell box step-ups, strict handstand pushups, and handstand walking. Unlike the first two weeks of competition, this test will be far less about metabolic capacity. It’s a test of abilities on our hands. The separator for athletes is the third station, the strict handstand pushups. Figure out what group you fall into, and attack accordingly:

Group 1
Very strong gymnastic athletes who will come close to, if not finish this workout. For this group, we want to dial in on the second half of the handstand pushups. The lunge, the step-ups, and even the first half of the strict handstand pushups are a buy-in. Athletes that can maintain the pace in the second half of these strict reps will set themselves up for their top time.

Group 2
Athletes who have strict handstand pushups, but likely won’t be finishing all 50. To get our best score, these athletes will have to be smart about how they’re breaking up the HSPU from the getgo and avoiding failure.

Group 3
Athletes who do not have strict handstand pushups. For this group, the workout becomes a dead sprint – 200 feet of lunges and 50 box step-ups for time. We want to push the limits here to move as fast as we can, knowing that every second on the tiebreak time represents hundreds of spots on the leaderboard.