Expect Adversity

Sunday July 1, 2018
Ben Bergeron & Christine Bald

Over the weekend, CompTrain hosted six CrossFit Games women for a Games training camp. On Saturday, we took the party outside for an off-road triathlon in southern Massachusetts.
The plan was to practice swimming in open water, gain experience on mountain bikes, and train our capacity for longer endurance events.

Things did not go according to plan.

Our goggles filled with water during the swim. We didn’t perform as well in open water as we train in the pool. We took a wrong turn on the bike course and did an extra five miles. Our gears wouldn’t shift, our tires popped, and our seats broke. Chains fell off repeatedly. It was 96 degrees during the run. By almost every metric, the triathlon was a disaster.

It was the best training day of the weekend.

At the CrossFit Games—and life in general—there is only one thing that is guaranteed to happen, and that is that at some point, things are not going to go according to plan. In order to leverage adversity and use it to our advantage, we have to first expect it—and expect to overcome it. In other words, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

If we only practice for best-case scenarios, how could we possibly be prepared for unexpected challenges like equipment malfunctions, breakdowns in communication, errors by judges, 125 degree heat, or competitors leapfrogging us on the leaderboard? If we’re not anticipating and training for adversity, we’re setting ourselves up to fail when it arrives. And it will arrive at some point—if life teaches us anything, it’s that very few things ever line up exactly the way we want.

Expecting adversity is about being ready for everything that can possibly come up so that we can execute regardless of circumstance.

After this weekend, the women of CompTrain are that much more prepared.