Sunday June 3, 2018
Ben Bergeron & Christine Bald

You might have noticed that we’ve been all about #Earned lately.

We sent all of our individual and team Regional qualifiers white CompTrain t-shirts emblazoned with “Earned” on the back. We sent the same swag out to all of the CompTrain Masters and Teens athletes that advanced to the Online Age Group Qualifier.

We had some fun on Instagram with an “Earn It” campaign around our Games athletes. Over the last month or so, we have relentlessly deployed it as a hashtag on all of our social media.

Yes, the shirts looked cool on the Regionals floor (thanks guys!). The graphics got a lot of love on Instagram. But #Earned is deeper than a social media campaign. It’s at the heart of who we are.

In the face extreme difficulty, #Earned is a reminder that results are reflection of our effort and our behavior.

Let’s unpack that:

  1. Adversity
  2. Effort
  3. Behavior

Embrace Adversity

Earning something implies difficulty. You can’t earn something without putting in work. There’s a word for that—given. Earned without struggle is like thunder without lightning. You might not have seen it, but trust me, it was there.

Most people naturally avoid struggle, consciously or unconsciously. CompTrain athletes are not like most people. When adversity finds us, we make a point of running into it headfirst. We do this because we understand an essential truth: that adversity is the only thing that makes us better.

Most of the time, #Earned is synonymous with results. That’s fine. We’re proud of those. But we’re more proud of what our results imply about what we became in the process—better.

Talent is Overrated
When we watch those at the top of their game perform on game day, it’s easier to say they are “talented” than it is to acknowledge that they have spent thousands and thousands of hours beating on their craft, lungs burning, exhausted, all when no one is watching.

When people think they see talent, what they really see is effort.

Effort is at the heart of #Earned.

There is very little genetic talent in the world. No one is born good at muscle-ups, running, walking on their hands, or Fran. Ninety-nine percent of the time, when people are good at things, it’s the result of dedication to a craft; to learning and improving over time. #Earned reminds us that the bright lights don’t make us shine—they only reveal the work we did in the dark.

The last element of #Earned reflects our behavior. #Earned is a choice.

No one becomes world-class on accident. Katrin, Brooke and Cole are world-class because they decided to be.

#Earned implies something important—though easily forgotten—about the glitz and glamour around the CrossFit Games. That getting there is painful. That it’s the result of years of hard work and learning from mistakes.

#Earned is a nod to the daily discipline. To all of the seemingly insignificant habits and choices that added up—over a very long period of time—to something extraordinary: The decision to go to that dark place in a workout (or not). The decision to return to that place, day after day, despite the pain that waits for you there (or not). The decision to go all-in on nutrition (or not). The decision to commit to warm-up and recovery protocols (or not). The decision to make sleep a priority (or not). The decision to improve your mental game (or not).

#Earned isn’t for the chosen few. It is for the few who choose.

Earn It
Embrace adversity—it’s the only thing that makes you better.

Focus on your effort—talent is a sugar-coated lie.

Choose excellence—every decision you make moves you closer or further away from your goals.

This is our ethos.

Go #EarnIt.