Choose Your Team

Thursday October 12, 2017
Patrick Cummings

There’s an oft-repeated notion that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. It’s oft-repeated probably because there’s a lot of truth to it. Last weekend, we saw proof of it.

As a celebration of the end of his coaching tenure at CrossFit New England, and as a good way to raise some money for the Navy SEAL Foundation, Geoff Leard had an idea: 24 Hero WODs in 24 Hours. To make the enormous volume of work manageable, and to celebrate the degree to which the Navy SEALs rely on and respect teamwork, each workout would be completed in teams.

Before the marathon began, two people — Geoff and CFNE coach and Regionals athlete Conor Nugent — committed to completing every single workout.

Starting just a little after 1pm on Saturday, we didn’t really know what to expect. We invited the entire CFNE community to join us for one, two, or five workouts, but we didn’t know how many of them would show up — especially once the sun went down. But show up they did.

Their energy and their commitment proved to be oxygen for Geoff and Conor. Never once were they alone to complete a workout. Not at 8pm or 3am, not at 6am or 12pm on Sunday. Before the final workout, Geoff addressed the assembled athletes, saying, “Us working out for 24 hours, that shit does not matter. What matters is you guys showing up for us, and for this cause, which is the much bigger picture that we’re trying to focus on. You guys showed up yesterday, you worked out with us in the middle of the night, then you came back and worked out with us all day today. That’s pretty amazing.”

If it’s true that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, then let last weekend be a reminder to each of us that we have a choice in how we stack up. Are we surrounding ourselves with people who say YES when we tell them our audacious goals? Are we surrounding ourselves with people who know when it’s time to pull us, and when it’s time to push us? Are we surrounding ourselves with people who make us bigger, and better, and who help us see our own true potential?

We have a choice in what team we’re on. Choose wisely.