19.4 Mindset: The Grind

Monday March 11, 2019
Ben Bergeron & Christine Bald

Week 4 of the Open is like the fourth round of a five round workout. You’re past the halfway mark but you’re not almost done.

By Week 4, things have gotten real. By now, you’ve probably had a good workout… and a bad workout. The stress is wearing on you. The glamour has worn off, and it’s not quite as fun as it was in Week 1. The irregular training schedule is getting old. Re-doing workouts is getting old. The pressure to perform at your best twice a week is starting to take its toll.

Welcome to the grind.

This is the week that a lot of people take their foot off the gas. Not us. The tougher things get, the more we thrive. The more uncomfortable other competitors are, the greater our advantage. Because we have grit.

What is grit? It’s a word that’s been used to describe everything under the sun, but it means something specific: when things get hard, you push harder; if you stumble, you get back up stronger; no matter what, you continue to pound away day after day, after day with relentlessness, consistency, heart and passion—that’s grit.

Moving into 19.4, nothing is more important than this approach, which is ultimately a choice. Regardless of how things have gone so far, regardless of how we think we’ll shape up after this workout, or even at the end of the Open, this is where we hit the gas even harder.

Others might be slowing down, but we’ll do the opposite.

We’re speeding up.