Open 19.2 Strategy

Friday March 1, 2019
Harry Palley

Open 19.2 is a repeat of Open 16.2, featuring double-unders, toes-to-bar, and ascending weight squat cleans. The stimulus will vary depending on your fitness level, but there is a central strategic theme across all divisions. We really can’t stress this enough:

Do. Not. Come. Out. Too. Hot.

Trying to outrun the clock to “get ahead” early will be a common pitfall in 19.2. The time windows create a false sense of urgency in the early rounds that try to trick us into big sets of TTB in the name of having more time for the heavier cleans. But that extra time will disappear fast if our heart rate is through the roof, our lungs are on fire, and our grip is smoked. A strategy that maximizes your *ability* at the cleans instead of how much time you have there is going to lead to your best score.

Individual approach will depend on your level of fitness, so figure out which category you fall into and plan accordingly:

Group 1
The TTB and DU are non-factors, with the test occurring on the heavy bars at the end of the workout. With 55 total cleans to get through, a disciplined approach in the beginning will be important for success in the later rounds.

Group 2
Competent at TTB, but fatigue could be an issue in the later rounds. The loading on the final two barbells is 1RM territory. Looking to put a dent in or finish the third round.

Group 3
This is a toes-to-bar workout for us, and essentially becomes an AMRAP8. 50 TTB will be challenging, and we’re completing them in small sets or singles. Getting to or finishing the second round of cleans is the goal.