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Which Track Should I Follow During the Open?

As we enter the Open, we want to create some bright lines between our “Qualifier” and “Open” tracks. There will... Read more »

19.1 Mindset: Control vs Concern

The first week of the CrossFit Games Open always invites more apprehension than any other week that follows it. As... Read more »

5 Questions with Katrin Davidsdottir

Last weekend, CompTrain athletes Katrin Davidsdottir and Cole Sager kicked off their 2019 CrossFit Games season in Cape Town, South... Read more »

5 Questions with Cole Sager

Last weekend, CompTrain athletes Katrin Davidsdottir and Cole Sager kicked off their 2019 CrossFit Games season in Cape Town, South... Read more »

CompTrain Class 2019 Open Format

The 2019 CrossFit Games Open begins with the announcement of 19.1 on Thursday, February 21st. With two weeks to go,... Read more »

Competitor 2019 Open Training Format

The 2019 CrossFit Games Open starts next week. This is our opportunity to put our hard work over the last... Read more »

No Shortcuts

You don’t have any weaknesses. Everybody talks about being bad at certain movements, but let’s see your training log. Show... Read more »

How To Recover Like A Pro

Like like all professional sports, success in the competitive CrossFit comes down to how prepared you are. What is the... Read more »

The Struggle

Mike Tyson had a saying: “Everybody has a plan… until they get punched in the mouth.” Here’s the only thing... Read more »

Maximize Your Minutes

We all have a lot of different roles in our lives. Husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, neighbor,... Read more »

Practice Isn’t Fun

By now, most of us are familiar with the 10,000 Hours Rule—the principle that 10,000 hours of practice are needed... Read more »

Expect Adversity

Over the weekend, CompTrain hosted six CrossFit Games women for a Games training camp. On Saturday, we took the party... Read more »


You might have noticed that we’ve been all about #Earned lately. We sent all of our individual and team Regional... Read more »

Brooke Wells: Trust the Process

After the season she had last year, people would have understood if Brooke Wells had made a change. After a... Read more »

Humility Breeds Success

It takes an uncommon amount of humility for anyone to submit themselves to doing things they’re bad at every single... Read more »

The Science of Positivity

An optimistic mindset is a distinguishable characteristic of elite performers because what the human mind focuses on and talks about... Read more »

CrossFit: The Cure for the Modern Plague

In the Late Middle Ages, Europe experienced the deadliest disease outbreak in history. The Black Death, a pandemic of bubonic... Read more »

Are You Clutch?

‘Clutch’ is a term thrown around often to describe extraordinary performances in high pressure situations. Most people associate clutch performances... Read more »

Never Whine. Never Make Excuses. Never Complain

CompTrain has an unbreakable threefold policy:      Never whine. Never complain. Never make excuses. Staying positive is difficult for... Read more »

Don’t Be Afraid to Look Stupid

A few years ago, athletes and competitors at CrossFit New England would occasionally witness a strange sight: CrossFit Games champion... Read more »

How to Get Faster Without Getting Fitter

Most people would never approach a 1-Mile run by all-out sprinting the first lap. Most people know, instinctively, that they... Read more »

Stop Icing

Many are familiar with the protocol for treating acute sports injuries: RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). In fact, most... Read more »

How Resilience Works

Resilience is a hot topic in business these days. It’s a quality companies look for when recruiting; regarded as more... Read more »

Control vs Concern

As athletes, there are only five things that we can truly control—our training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindset. If it... Read more »

Optimism is a Choice

Look around the room and count how red things you see. Done? Great. How many green things did you see?... Read more »

Practice vs Training vs Competition

Rowing is the most brutalized movement in CrossFit. When it comes to rowing, most people are either training or competing,... Read more »

Performance-Enhancing Sleep

Tom Brady goes to bed at 8:30pm every night. When asked about it during a recent radio interview, he said... Read more »

Lean Enough

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will... Read more »

Strong Enough

There are certain numbers you need if you want to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit. In the most... Read more »

Choose Your Team

There’s an oft-repeated notion that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time.... Read more »

Systems + Actions = Results

Taking action is the secret sauce. Achieving goals comes down to two things: systems and action. You have to a... Read more »

Be Consistent. Be Persistent

We are what we repeatedly do, not what we do occasionally or when the mood strikes and the situation is... Read more »

Less But Better

Katrin Davidsdottir is different. You know that. But do you know why? Is it because she’s gifted, or lucky, or... Read more »

The Excellence Continuum

A lot of us will look at the below continuum and conclude that we're on the excellence end, simply because... Read more »