Why you should update your personal records

As a PRO member, one of the benefits you get is the ability to input your barbell and gymnastics Personal Records. A lot of our strength pieces and gymnastics conditioning pieces are built around percentages of these PRs that you log in the app. This makes updating your PRs every time you get one very important. There are two important benefits to updating these numbers:

  1. Allows us to make our workouts unique to you
  2. Gives you a visualization of your progress

Why are these two things important?


Similar to how we associate a stimulus to every conditioning piece, we also associate a stimulus to our lifting and gymnastics pieces. In order to appropriately hit that stimulus, you need to know your percentages- to know your percentages, you need to make sure your PRs are updated.

For example, let’s say there’s a gymnastics piece where we are working on Strict Handstand Push-Ups and the workout looks like this:

For Time:

120% of Max Strict HSPU

Rest 1:00

100% of Max Strict HSPU

Rest 1:00

80% of Max Strict HSPU

Rest 1:00

100% of Max Strict HSPU

Rest 1:00

120% of Max Strict HSPU

If you perform this workout and have not updated your HSPU PR in three months, but your capacity has increased by 5 reps, then you’re not able to hit the intended stimulus and you’re not maximizing the rewards of your efforts.

This is also true from a strength building standpoint. Certain percentages of a lift elicit a different response from our body. It is key for us to be working with weights relative to us and our capacities. 72% of a one rep max front squat looks very different when it’s a 315lb front squat vs. a 275lb front squat (it is a ~30lb difference).


This is a more abstract reason than breaking down percentages, but it’s just as important. Because we chart your progress in the app, we have a picture of what your training looks like at a macro level and what improvements you’ve been making whether they’re incremental or astronomical.

This tells us a story of our training history.

If we need to take a few months off, then we should also update our maxes because they may look different. Now we have something to build on. And as you get back into the swing of things, you’ll notice your numbers going back up to what they once were. Since this is being tracked visually, you can look back on your year and notice a dip and know exactly when you took time off, how it affected your training, and how long it took to build back up.

Being able to see this visually helps us to celebrate the small victories we experience. Going back to our previous example, if we are doing a Strict Handstand Push-Up workout and we get one more HSPU than we thought possible, we’ve just hit a new PR. This is something to be excited about. Now we get to go into our profile, update our score, and see the line graph increase by one rep. We get to see our hard work right in front of us. It’s a powerful thing. Then the next time we do this workout, our percentages will reflect our HSPU ability.

The more frequently you update your Personal Records, the more you will get out of your training.

A good rule of thumb is to update monthly- this will make sure your percentages are current and you’re maximizing your training.

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