Hard Hat Cycle

“Hard Hat

“Hard Hat” has largely two definitions:

  1. A lightweight protective helmet, usually of metal or reinforced plastic, worn by workers in industrial settings.
  2. An extremely patriotic person with a conventional, usually unquestioning, sense of morality and work ethic.

One definition is of an object. Something we can hold up.

The other is of character. Something that holds us up.

It goes without saying that these are challenging times. We’re all in this together, trying to figure things out. But we must keep our greatest strength at the forefront of our minds during these times: adaptability. Through challenge and adversity, we thrive. We grow, we adapt, we improve. It is truly our way of life, bringing a unique group together that embraces what’s ahead.

The “Hard Hat” expects tough conditions… and expects to overcome them. This training cycle will be held until we have moved past COVID-19. And it will pass. We don’t know how long it will take, but we will make the absolute best out of every opportunity we have throughout.

And we will do that with (2) variations of the training:

  1. “Hard Hat” Individuals / Masters / Teens

Open Prep and Games Prep tracks will continue. Full volume, full-speed training. This is created as if we are training with the full equipment load-out we traditionally use in CompTrain. No compromises. A barbell focused cycle, transitioning the capacity developed through “Grunt Work” into the Olympic lifts.

Snatch Technique

Olympic Pulls / Deadlift
Dynamic Squats
Endurance Based
(20+ Min)

Endurance Based
(20+ Min)
Stamina Squats
Aerobic Threshold Intervals
Clean and Jerk Technique

  1. “Hard Hat” Minimalist

For the duration of COVID-19, we will take the full “Hard Hat” programming and modify it for those with limited equipment inside of CompTrain Pro. We understand and completely relate to the situation thousands of athletes are facing – no access to a gym for an extended period of time. So we’re going to adapt and overcome.

This comes free with your current Pro subscription. We’re introducing three tracks – individuals: Minimalist, Masters: Minimalist, and Teens: Minimalist. Your tailored training, adapting to our current circumstances.

Inside this track, we have an “Rx” equipment loadout below. That is, if you are able to acquire these pieces below, you will have the capability to every workout without equipment mods. But with that said, we again fully understand and relate to what you’re facing… so we’re going to have an expansive modification list – regardless of what you have for equipment.

Recommended equipment list for the “Minimalist” track:

  • 1 x “Machine” (Rower preferred, but any machine that counts “calories” works)
  • 1 x Squat Rack
  • 1 x Barbell (gender specific)
  • Weights to support your “Grace” weight, up to your 1RM Clean and Jerk (make sure we have 5’s as the smallest)
  • 2 x Dumbbells (Your “Open” weights)
  • 1 x Medicine Ball  (Your “Open” weights)
  • 1 x Pull-Up Bar
  • 1 x Box Jump (Your “Open” height)
  • 1 x Jump Rope

Hard Hats knows things won’t be easy. 

They expect the challenges, and they expect to overcome them. 

Rain or shine… let’s get to work.

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