Grunt Work 2020

Grunt Work
Feb 3 – Mar 28, 2020
8 Weeks 

It’s one thing to have the raw strength.
It is another, to be able to use it.

When we’re aiming towards the bigger goal of “getting stronger”, we chasing two things:

  1. Absolute Strength, which is measured by our ability to move a heavy load once.
  2. Raw Stamina, which is gritty ability to cycle for reps when others put the bar down.

In other words, a strong front squat doesn’t necessarily transfer to 50 thrusters for time. There’s training to be done between… and that is what we’re after in our next eight weeks. Grunt Work.

In our previous cycle, “Silverback”, we built the body from the ground up. We developed a functional base to work with. “Grunt Work” adds the teeth to this raw strength. Layering in higher volume squatting, odd-object intensive Body Armor, and a new series of barbell cycling called Beast Builders.

Silverback built the fortress. Grunt Work weaponizes it.
Time to go on the attack.

Cycle Template
*This is 90% consistent throughout our training cycle. We have select days where we have purposefully moved training parts to other days in the week to ensure we mitigate excessive overlap. If we deviate from the below template, it is indeed on purpose with the greater picture in mind.

Monday –
Back Squat + Body Armor + Conditioning

Tuesday – Conditioning + Gymnastic Skill + Aerobic Capacity

Wednesday – Beast Builder + Conditioning + Midline

Thursday – Active Recovery or Rest

Friday – Front Squat + Conditioning + Body Armor

Saturday – Long Conditioning + Midline

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