June 22 – August 23, 2020 
9 Weeks

Phase #1 – 5 Weeks
Mid-Cycle Deload – Week #6, July 27
Phase #2 – 3 Weeks

A grindstone isn’t a sexy piece of equipment. By itself, it’s just a thick stone that sits on a rusty wheel. What it can create on the other hand, is quite deadly. The grindstone creates weapons, and the sharpest of them all.

“Grindstone” bridges the gap between “Hard Hat” and our journey towards the 2021 Open. Effectively using elements from “Barbell NInja”, we won’t be missing a beat. We didn’t fall off pace, nor was COVID-19 in the way… all of this was part of our way.

Much like the grindstone, the work here won’t be sexy. And it definitely won’t be easy.

Our focus in “Grindstone” is capacity building. In the recent months, we focused on building a strong base through heavier percentage lifting, on both Olympic and traditional lifts. We’re going to shift gears some now. Our aim in “Grindstone” is to turn that strength into usable capacity in all facets of our sport – from the 1RM attempt, to barbell cycling, to approaching rounds of 21 thrusters at a moderate load.

One might think that COVID-19 was an obstacle in the way. But what if it were truly part of our way? “Grindstone” Through adversity breeds strength, conviction, and the will to win.

We love the grind.

Training starts Monday, June 22nd.


  • Snatch Complex
  • Front Squat “10-8-6-4-2”
  • Conditioning


  • Gymnastic Capacity
  • Conditioning


  • Conditioning
  • Capacity Builder


  • Clean and Jerk Complex
  • Back Squat “3-6-12”
  • Conditioning


  • Capacity Builder
  • Long Conditioning
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