What is CompTrain?

CompTrain is an online training program that delivers physical and mental training for athletes of all ages and athletic backgrounds. We want to make you fitter and tougher than you’ve ever been.

Who is CompTrain for?

CompTrain is for people who understand that mental toughness is the key to performing at an elite level, and are committed to getting better at it. Whether your goal is to push yourself to new heights on a personal level, compete in your first local competition or podium at the CrossFit Games–if you’re trying to becoming the best version of yourself, CompTrain is for you.

What makes CompTrain different from other online training programs?

We believe that better people make better athletes. We’ve seen what mental toughness does to talent, which is why our approach emphasizes the mental side of training as much as the physical. Successful people share a set of character traits—things like grit, resilience, accountability, confidence, optimism, perseverance, and passion. Development of these skills is the key to unlocking your ability and will improve your performance both on the competition floor and life beyond the gym.

What kind of experience do I need to be successful with CompTrain?

Both experienced athletes and those new to the sport can be successful following CompTrain. Our free programming requires some prior CrossFit experience and knowledge of the movements in order to properly execute the workouts. Our paid programming is more accessible to newer athletes. Every workout includes a detailed write-up, a discussion of the intended stimulus, and scaling options.

What is the difference between Teen, Individuals, Masters & Class?

Individuals loading, complexity, volume, and accessory are written to optimize performance for the known and unknown demands of the Open and Sanctioned Events.

Our Masters program is built around the philosophy is that more training is not better–better training is better. Masters training is tailored to the limited time of most competitive Masters, designed to be completed in under 1.5 hours each day. Training is will prepare athletes for unique and age-group specific demands of Masters competition, from the Open through the Games.

Teens programming emphasizes quality of movements over shear volume, laying a foundation for a long, healthy athletic career. This program is tailored around for demands of the two teenage divisions in CrossFit competition, ages 14-15 and 16-17.

Our only non-competitive programming track, CompTrain Class delivers world-class affiliate programming detailed through a 60-minute timeline. Lesson plans include warmups, teaching points, workout explanations, timeline and strategy. As the base of all three of our competitive tracks, CompTrain Class allows competitors to participate with group classes as one community.

Who is Ben Bergeron?

Ben Bergeron is considered one of the top coaches in the sport of CrossFit. A former Ironman triathlete turned CrossFit Games competitor, Ben has coached CrossFit athletes to seven Games titles. You can find out more about Ben here.

What if I can’t do a workout as prescribed? Does CompTrain provide scaling/modifications?

Our programs are written to be completely scalable for athletes of any skill or strength. Athletes following our free programming can easily modify workouts by reducing weights, complexity, and/or reps as needed. Athletes following the paid programming have access to daily recommended scaling guidelines.

What equipment do I need to follow CompTrain?

At a minimum, we recommend our athletes have access to a barbell, weights, dumbbells, a pull-up rig, a plyo box, a wallball, a rower and an assault bike.

How long do the daily workouts take?

CompTrain Individuals (Open): 1.5-2 hours

CompTrain Individuals (Qualifier): 2.5-3 hours

CompTrain Masters (Open): 1.5 hours

CompTrain Masters (Qualifier): 2-2.5 hours

CompTrain Teens (Open): 1.5 hours

CompTrain Teens (Qualifier) 2-2.5 hours

Do I have access to an online community through my CompTrain membership? Do I have access to coaches to ask questions?

The CompTrain tribe is one of the coolest parts about our program. If you walk into any gym in the world, you can almost always find someone doing CompTrain. You can connect with other CompTrain athletes by joining one of our Facebook groups (Individuals, Masters, or Teens) and by following us on Instagram.

Athletes that subscribe to the paid track on SugarWOD have access to another level of community via worldwide division-specific leaderboards. You’ll also get access to CompTrain coaches, who answer all posted questions.

Does CompTrain provide anything other than workout programming?

If you want to unlock your full potential, your mental game is just as important as your fitness. CompTrain athletes understand this and are committed to developing their mental toughness. We have a lot of resources to help you: Much of our blog content focuses on mindset. Our YouTube channel and Instagram page are also great resources for mindset content. Once a year, we also host a training camp where athletes have the opportunity to work directly with Ben Bergeron and the rest of the CompTrain staff.

Does CompTrain provide any nutrition information?

Not at this time, but soon!

Where can I find out when the next CompTrain Camp will be held?

CompTrain Camp is held every year in September. Details and registration information will be published on our website in the summer prior to camp.

I have had/have an injury, can I still do CompTrain?

Yes. Our programs are written to be completely scalable for any and all athletes. As long as your injury doesn’t completely prevent you from training, you can follow CompTrain with movement modifications. If your injury prevents you from lifting heavy, we can scale down the weights. If your injury prevents you from doing a specific movement, we can swap that movement out for another one. The CompTrain coaches and online community are great resources that can help you stay fit while working around an injury.

I’m right between the Individuals and Masters programming, age wise. What should I do?

Ultimately, this depends on your goals. We write Masters programming specifically towards the Open and Online Qualifier demands that we have experienced in years past, whereas Individuals programming is geared towards their competition stages–Open and Sanctioned Events. If you’re a competitive Master or Individual, signing up for the track that aligns with your division allows you to see how you fare against the field with our division-specific leaderboards.

I have a competition in two weeks. Should I stick to following CompTrain programming as written

While we don’t specifically program for Sanctioned Event competitions, we do offer a workout strategy for every qualifier event. We believe that the preparation notes we provide, paired with consistently following CompTrain programming and the below competition tapering strategy, is the optimal way of preparing for any competition.

I just had a competition, how long should I wait before training again?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, but as a rule, you should aim to take a couple of days off to recover from the stress of competing. Above all, listen to your body. If you feel like you are ready to jump back into training, get after it.

If I don’t have access to a bike/rower/rings/sled, what can I do as substitutions?

If you follow the free programming, use whatever you have that best lines up with the stimulus of the workout. Our paid programming includes substitutions and common conversions for equipment written into workouts. For example, if a workout calls for a bike, but you do not have access to a bike, we’ll provide an appropriate conversion on the rower to help you match the intended stimulus.

Is there a specific part of the programming I should begin with or should I start following today’s programming?

Our programming is designed so that you can jump right into today’s programming. There is no “initiation” phase or specific testing you need to go through in order to start training right away.

What are the CompTrain training cycles?

Our annual training cycles are:

Foundational strength, laying the groundwork for the season. Incorporating squat wave training, overhead strength, and a focus on moving better through a variety of positioning drills.

“Grunt Work”
Building stamina strength into our weekly progressions, including capacity through barbell cycling, stamina squat sessions, and unilateral dumbbell work to improve positioning and correct imbalances.

“Barbell Ninja”
Focusing on the mechanics and technique on the olympic lifts through targeted progressions in the clean and jerk and snatch and Olympic accessory work.

Improving body awareness and honing in on movement stamina and quality. Progressions towards the ring muscle-up, bar muscle-up, handstand pushup, and more.

Open preparation. Dialing in conditioning and targeted skill refinement for the movements tested in Open competition.

Does CompTrain offer personalized programming?

We do not currently offer personalized training programs, but we do our best to help athletes who have specific questions regarding CompTrain programming and their own training.