Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program intended for?

CompTrain Class is written with the coach in mind, to provide insight, timeline, and details on a full 60-minute CrossFit Class. This is built for the group class setting, and is adjustable to any size of class.

When are the workouts released?

The full week of workouts for the following week will be released on Friday afternoon, giving affiliates and coaches the ability to review all lesson plans in advance and stay current with CompTrain Class programming. Although they are released to coaches a week in advance, you decide when the workouts publish to your members.

How is this different from the competitive programs?

Whereas our competitive training programs are geared towards performance in the Open, Regionals, and beyond, CompTrain Class is directed towards the everyday athletes and the true goal of CrossFit: To improve our quality of life outside the gym. It is not only an effort to lose body fat and maintain lean muscle-mass, but to be able to sustain the ability to play pickup basketball with our grandchildren someday.

What if my athletes want more?

One of the biggest challenges in any affiliate is keeping the competitive and everyday athletes together as one community. CompTrain programming begins at ground level with the creation of Class programming. The competitive tracks of CompTrain (Individuals-Masters-Teens) will always share a workout with the Class program, allowing all athletes to come together for a workout in a class setting at your affiliate. For athletes who want more, the additional work on the competitive tracks is created with Class programming in mind.

Where can I find the programming?

CompTrain Class is offered on SugarWOD. Find it HERE in the Marketplace.

What features are offered on SugarWOD?

SugarWOD has many amazing features for gym owners, coaches, and athletes. Read more about all those features HERE!

How does pricing work?

CompTrain Class programming is offered at $39.99 per month on the SugarWOD Marketplace. There are no contracts, no fees, no hidden anythings. Cancel anytime.

The pricing to use the SugarWOD platform differs based on the number of active athletes at your affiliate. View SugarWOD’s Pricing Chart and FAQs “HERE

Where can coaches view the lesson plans?

Coaches are able to view daily lesson plans under the ‘Programming Calendar’ on a computer, or easily from their phone on the SugarWOD App. Clicking on ‘Coaches Notes Available’ under the day’s workout will give them access to the timeline and coaches notes.