Class Programming

Written daily with the class coach in mind, we aim to provide a 60-Minute CrossFit class to gyms worldwide.


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What You Get

World-Class Programming

7 days/week affiliate programming with start-to-finish lesson plans, designed to help your coaches run world-class CrossFit classes every single day of the week.

Teaching & Skill Progressions

Our staff of CF-L3 coaches develop teaching progressions that your team can use to both improve their own knowledge and help your members move better.

Warm-Ups & Mobility

Every day is different, so you receive workout-specific general warm-ups and mobility that prime athletes for the day’s movement patterns.

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Equipment Substitutions

Not all gyms are outfitted alike. All lesson plans include a list of potential equipment substitutions to help preserve the intended workout stimulus.

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Full Week View

You receive each week of programming in advance, to help your team prepare and plan to deliver the best hour of your members’ day – every week.

Class Stimulus workout notes provided by CrossFit Coaches

Stimulus Notes

Lesson plans include a detailed discussion of the desired stimulus for each workout, to help coaches and athletes make smart loading and scaling decisions.

Weights Lifting programming CrossFit Training

Room Set-Up

Guidance on pre-staging equipment to better manage groups, allowing coaches to spend more time on the things that matter—teaching, seeing, & correcting.

Strategy & Pacing

Talking points for coaches to help their athletes understand how to attack each workout to both get their best score for the day and improve their overall fitness.


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Interested in subscribing but want to learn more? Check out a sample day of CompTrain Class programming.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We have answers. All the most frequently asked CompTrain Class questions in once place.