They don’t play this sport at school. There are no tryouts. No teammates. No coach calling the plays. It’s just you, the work, and your effort. There are no stadium lights here. No cheerleaders. No halftime speeches. This game is different. You’re different. Some won’t get it. Some won’t like it. That’s cool. If you want to be world class, you gotta take the path where there is no path.

CompTrain builds the world’s fittest teens. We do this with a programming approach that emphasizes the development of elite fitness alongside the development of individual character. In the sport of CrossFit, highly developed character traits—things like grit, humility, resilience, accountability, confidence, optimism, and passion—are the difference between good and great. At the teenage level, this approach becomes doubly important. The habits, practices, and mindset we develop now will serve as the foundation for our athletic careers.

Training Cycles

Throughout the year, we focus our training through 5 cycles, with an additional cycle for Games qualifiers. Each cycle is designed to build upon the last, but there is no need to ever go and start at the beginning. New athletes are highly encouraged to jump right in, and stay current.


Sample Workout

CompTrain Teens develops the complete athlete, physically and mentally. Daily programming includes detailed warm-ups and activation, coaches notes outlining strategy and approach, professional data tracking and leaderboards, private discussion board access, and full-time coaches available to answer questions. Each day of programming also includes a mindset piece that is applicable to the workout and challenges the thinking of young athletes beyond the gym. Better people make better athletes, and CompTrain Teens builds the best of both.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who creates the programming? What’s the difference between Age Group divisions? How long should each day of training take? Get all your questions answered here.