A program for athletes 35 and older. Weight selections, volume, and movements will be specific to your age.

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7 Days in Advance

Pro Data Tracking

Custom Leaderboards

Coaches Notes

Stimulus, scaling, strategy

Mental Game

Daily mindset focus

Programming Philosophy

Masters training isn’t about “less volume” or “less intensity”. It’s about training smarter. Every day, every part, and every repetition has a purpose. That is our focus at CompTrain Masters. Unique programming for each age bracket, with weight selections, volume, and movements specific to your division. A balanced approach leading into the Open season through six scheduled cycles, every training day contributes towards the overall goal. With our custom, age-specific leaderboards that is applied to each training session via SugarWOD, we have created an online leaderboard to bring together Masters, worldwide. Find friends online to compare scores with, and discuss training through our message boards and social media groups.

Sample Workout

CompTrain Masters develops the complete athlete, physically and mentally. Daily programming includes detailed warm-ups and activation, coaches notes outlining strategy and approach, professional data tracking and leaderboards, private discussion board access, and full-time coaches available to answer questions.