Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be following the CompTrain programming?

Any athlete who wants to compete in the sport of CrossFit. The only pre-requisite to joining our team is the desire to find the best version of yourself. From seasoned athletes to the beginner, this program is for all ability levels seeking self-improvement.

What’s the difference between the free and pro version?

CompTrain has always been—and will always be—offered free of charge. Over the years, however, the CompTrain community has asked for more. The Pro version is for those who want to take their training to the next level. For $39.99 a month (no commitment), CompTrain athletes will have access to CompTrain programming unique to the Pro track.

Pro Package includes:

  • Programming 7 Days in Advance
  • Daily “CompTrain Mindset”
  • Specific Warm-Ups + Mobility
  • Coaches Notes, detailing Stimulus
  • Workout Strategy
  • Scaling and Modification Options
  • Active Recovery Programming
  • Professional Data Tracking via SugarWOD’s Mobile App
  • Custom Daily Leaderboards on Training
  • Coach Access on SugarWOD message boards
  • Communicate with other CompTrain athletes

I’m a masters athlete, what should I do?

We’ve created a separate, Masters-specific training plan for you. Check it out here.

I’m a teen athlete, what should I do?

We’ve created a separate, Teens-specific training plan for you. Check it out here.

What is SugarWOD?

CompTrain and SugarWOD have partnered to bring you programming on their mobile, professional app.

CompTrain Individuals Pro, and CompTrain Teens is powered by SugarWOD’s platform, with CompTrain Masters coming aboard in late August. SugarWOD’s back-end system handles payment processing, data-tracking, journaling and custom leaderboards. But in addition is the communication capabilities, allowing you to discuss training with CompTrain coaches, chat with other CompTrain athletes.

How do the monthly subscriptions work?

All CompTrain subscriptions (Individuals Pro, Teens, and Masters), are charged on a monthly basis through the secured payment processor, Stripe.

All paid programs as a single price – $39.99 per month.
There is no contracts, no fees, no hidden anythings. Cancel anytime.

As an example, if you sign up on the 17th, the re-occuring charge will take place a full month later, on the 17th. No cancellation charges. Workouts tracked and saved in your journal via the SugarWOD app stay with you, free of charge.

How long will each training day take me?

Naturally, training time varies throughout the year, and the qualification stage. As a general starting point however:

Individuals: Regional programming ranges from 2-3 hours per training day. Individuals: Open programming ranges from 1-2 hours per training day. Masters programming ranges from 1-2 hours per training day.
Teens programming ranges from 1-2 hours per training day.

Should I do the Open or Qualifier programming?

Most athletes should be following the Open Programming.

Qualifier programming is reserved for athletes who more likely than not will have no issues getting through the Open and into their Qualifier. Even more specifically, it is written for those athletes who are capable of repeatedly competing at the CrossFit Games every year.

The Open programming is for those athletes who want to maximize their CrossFit Open experience, and for those who want to get to the Qualifier level. It’s a very specific program that takes into account what we know we will see during the Open. (For example, we know we won’t see rope climbs during the Open, so we don’t program that often or at all.)

Should I do the programming straight through, or can I break it up over the course of the day?

Unless noted, these sessions can be broken up throughout the day as needed/desired.

Is there any periodization to CompTrain programming?

As we get closer to the Open and Regional, we will begin to peak and tailor our work for the tests at hand, but we do not believe in classic, Russian-style periodization. We are looking develop what we call the Three-Headed Monster. The top athletes in our sport have Strength, Skills, and Conditioning.

Your goal is to be feeding the monster at the same time, every day.
Conditioning: This is the “Sport of Fitness,” and we define fitness as work capacity.

Do you have the conditioning and stamina to move quickly, regardless of how light or heavy the task is, and regardless of how long the effort may take? Strength: Simply put, the sport of CrossFit rewards strong athletes.
Assuming you have the conditioning and skills to keep up with the top athletes, the stronger you are, the better you’ll place.
Skills: Few aspects of the sport separate the good from the great more than their skills.

Conditioning and strength are vital, but if you can’t do big sets of Muscle-ups, HSPUs, Pistols, Double Unders, Butterfly Pull-ups, and Handstand Walks, it doesn’t matter how strong you are or how good your engine is.

If you can’t do the high-skilled stuff, you’ll be stopped in your tracks during competition.

Is there a suggested CompTrain warm-up?

Yes! We offer specific daily warm-ups, mobility, and primers inside of our “Pro” track, but if you are following our free version, we recommend the below as a base to work with. Set aside 30-75 mins:

5-10 mins of foam rolling.
5-10 mins of specific mobility work
5-10 mins of active stretching
15-30 minutes of light monostructural work (ie, emom of running, rowing, ski erg and or biking) CrossOver Symmetry Activation protocol
5 mins of warming up with an empty barbell

If I don’t have crossover symmetry, can I just use bands and do the same protocols?

It’s necessary for our athletes to be doing proactive shoulder work. We choose the Cross Over Symmetry system for its effectiveness, compliance, and pretty ridiculous results.

There are dozens of protocols that have the potential to move the needle for you, but to reap the benefits we have seen with our athletes, I highly recommend making the investment and getting one or two COS bands and following the activation protocol daily.

Do you offer individual coaching?

We are honored that you would consider us! Unfortunately, at this time, we do have the capabilities to coach more athletes on an individual level. We hope to some day, but we need to make sure, most especially for the athlete, that the time is right so that we could give our very best.