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Our why behind: to train the fittest Teens on the planet. With that said, this program is for any teen athlete looking to become their best. From the Games-level athlete to the teen looking to break into the Top 200 for the first time, this program aims to get us there.

Yes, there are (2) age divisions. Each division is unique with it’s own age specific leaderboard and comments board. Programming is tailored to each age division, modifying volumes and loads based on a multitude of factors – not just what the CrossFit Games competitive stage prescribes in the Open and beyond.
Ages 14-15
Ages 16-17

Open Programming – Those who are looking to finish more competitively in the Open, and are aiming to crack the Top 200.
Qualifier Programming – Those who are confident they will make the Top 200 in their age group. Loading and volume can be slightly heavier for this group in comparison.
Games Programming – Those who qualify for the Games (only between the Qualifier and the Games).

Inside of each day, regardless of the training track, are Coach’s Notes. Detailing the stimulus and goal of the training day, each workout will be intricately explained. This allows for personal scaling to take place as well. Everyone can train in this program.

In every workout, both the stimulus and modification options will always be posted. It is not expected to be complete every workout as “Rx”, with the intentions on instead matching the goal of the workout, versus the loading or even specific movement.

We utilize a 5 days on, 2 days off flow.
Mon + Tue + Wed – On
Thurs – Rest
Fri + Sat – On
Sun – Rest
Many of our athletes modify however to fit their schedule – it is not imperative to follow exactly on the same day, but it is highly beneficial to stay current with the community if you can.
On our rest days, a mobility session is programmed. Optional, but highly beneficial priming the body for the following day’s training.

We understand that double-sessions are not a practical option for the vast majority of us. Each day of programming is designed to be completed as a single session, ranging from the 60-90 minute mark to include warmup.

The bulk of the program will incorporate equipment used in the CrossFit Games Open. With that said, we always offer modification recommendations if equipment is missing. And if you are still curious on how to modify, always ask through the forum of Facebook pages!
To put a starting kit together, which will cover the vast majority of our training, here is a short list we recommend:
– Barbells, with Olympic plates
– Pull-Up Bar
– Wallball
– Rower and/or Assault Bike
– Jump Rope
– Dumbbells (50’s/35’s)

Inside of our Games training, we do program training that will incorporate rope climbs, Wreckbag running, DBall cleans, and sled work.

The following days programming is posted nightly at 8:00pm Eastern Time Zone.

Stay current! It is best to stay current and engage the community! There is no need to backdate and start on a previous month.

With daily feedback on the whiteboard for each day’s programming, you’ll have a picture of where you stand amongst your fellow competitors inside your age bracket. This is valuable information so that you know where you are within the field in regard to your weightlifting, conditioning times, and skills.

Absolutely. This is where we thrive. Upon the release of the Open workouts, we will put up an initial strategy and refine that the following day with video instruction. Following into the Qualifier, we will have the weekend of strategy posted to the blog. At the Games, our team will always be there to support our athletes.

Yes. Through our closed forum inside of each daily blog post, and through our online Facebook group, our coaches are available daily to ensure your training is addressed.

Yes! To visit the Facebook group, click HERE.