Program designed for competitive CrossFit athletes looking excel in the Open, Regionals and Games

Daily Comptrain programming for individuals looking to compete in CrossFit.


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How we gauge baseline performance for competitors following Comptrain Individuals programming

Elite Programming for the World’s Fittest Athletes.

CompTrain is for any athlete who wants to compete in the sport of CrossFit. It is specifically those who are focused on maximizing their Open and/or Regional performances. What we mean by that is, our program is built around getting you ready for the CrossFit Games season (Feb-June), not necessarily getting you ready for a competition you have in October or November.

At the highest levels, everyone is the best. How can you become better than the best? If you’re an elite athlete, it’s a question you spend a lot of time considering. Every competitor at the top is physically and mentally formidable. Everyone has areas where they shine a little brighter or struggle a bit more; but on the whole, the differences in physical ability are negligible. So, what are the separators? How do you train to come out on top?

Three-Headed Monster

We are looking develop what we call the Three-Headed Monster. The top athletes in our sport have Strength, Skills, and Conditioning. Your goal is to be feeding the monster at the same time, every day.


This is the “Sport of Fitness,” and we define fitness as work capacity. Do you have the conditioning and stamina to move quickly, regardless of how light or heavy the task is, and regardless of how long the effort may take?


Simply put, the sport of CrossFit rewards strong athletes. Assuming you have the conditioning and skills to keep up with the top athletes, the stronger you are, the better you’ll place.


Few aspects of the sport separate the good from the great more than their skills. Conditioning and strength are vital, but if you can’t do big sets of Muscle-ups, HSPUs, Pistols, Double-unders, Butterfly Pull-ups, and Handstand Walks, it doesn’t matter how strong you are or how good your engine is. If you can’t do the high-skilled stuff, you’ll be stopped in your tracks during competition.

5-Tool Player

From there, we want to create a 5-Tool Player, which layers in mobility and a solid mental game to the above attributes.


In short, moving more efficiently will allow you to train harder and with greater volume.

Mental Game

Are you a “Game-Day Athlete?” Do you thrive under the bright lights? Are you using the nerves and adrenaline to improve your performance? Are you focusing on what you can control and ignoring all the noise? We want you to be able to answer “yes” to those questions. Lots of athletes put up big numbers in their gym, but can’t perform on the big stage. This is a mental issue and it’s something that needs to be worked on everyday – not just when you get to the big stage.