Detailed coaching, programming and group management designed for CrossFit coaches in a class setting

World class gym programming.

CompTrain Class has been designed provide a 60-Minute CrossFit class to gyms worldwide. Written daily with the class coach in mind, we aim to provide a detailed timeline to optimize every minute of the hour.

At a glance, you can quickly notice that all programs in CompTrain (Individuals, Masters, Teens, and Class) share similarities in the “what”. The actual day to day programming. But the comparisons end there. The intentions of each is unique.

Whereas our competitive training programs are geared towards performance in the Open, Regionals, and beyond, CompTrain Class is directed towards the true goal of CrossFit: To improve our quality of life outside the gym. It is not only an effort to lose bodyfat and maintain lean muscle-mass, but to be able to sustain the ability to play pickup basketball with our grandchildren someday.

It’s fitness on a slow trajectory towards a distant horizon.

An underlying goal of CompTrain Class is to fight off the nursing home. As soon as we lose the ability to squat to a toilet or to pick up an object off the ground, we are forced to transition to the nursing home. It is our goal to be fitter in 10 years from now than we are today.

This requires thought-out programming. If we take an athlete for example who is not interested in excelling inside the Open, or competing in local competitions or throwdowns, we would offer that such an athlete doesn’t necessarily need to practice butterfly pull-ups. Or kipping handstand pushups. As a competitive athlete, these higher risk movements are part of the sport, and need to be trained to excel on the competitive stage. For an athlete who’s goal is to become a better skier or soccer player, or simply to maintain a higher quality of health, such movements can pose more risk than benefit.

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