CompTrain Class 2019 Open Format

Thursday February 7, 2019
Harry Palley

The 2019 CrossFit Games Open begins with the announcement of 19.1 on Thursday, February 21st. With two weeks to go, here is the general plan for what the 5 weeks of the Open will look like for CompTrain Class. (If you are a competitor looking for the 2019 Open Training format, click here).

Thursdays will be programmed as “Goat Days,” giving athletes an opportunity to refine skills or work on their weaknesses. Athletes will choose two movements to alternate between on the minute for 20 minutes. Not knowing what the workout will be for the next day, it is up to athletes to choose what exercises they want to work on. For those who don’t care about the Open or want a little more structure, there will also be an alternate, low impact 20 minute EMOM programmed every week.

The Open workout announced on Thursday night will be the programmed Class workout for Friday. Those looking to get a score will need a judge, while those who aren’t signed up can treat this like a normal class.

There will be two workouts programmed on Monday. Athletes can choose one. They have the option to repeat the Open workout or complete an alternate workout, which will have a similar time domain. This allows classes to run smoothly with both workouts going on. Coaches, you do not have to provide the option to repeat the Open workout if you don’t want to. We will provide both options and leave the decision up to you.