Comptrain Class is written with the coach in mind, to provide insight, timeline, and details on a full 60-minute CrossFit Class. This is built for the group class setting, and is adjustable to any size of class.

The following days programming is posted at 8:00am Eastern Time Zone. For example, Wednesday’s WOD will be released at 8:00am on Tuesday.

We recognize the power of staying focused in the moment, and we appreciate the effectiveness of releasing the workouts in the above fashion. Currently, this is our stance, but we are always looking for feedback from the community on making this experience better.

CompTrain Class is free. We created CompTrain Class as a means to share the experiences we’ve learned at CrossFit New England, and to provide coaches with a template on how to utilize the full 60-minute class window with our programming.

Working on it! Soon, we will have a map designed showing all gyms following the programming. That way when you travel, you won’t miss a beat in your training.

Yes! For affiliates looking to workout tracking for their members, our programming is on Beyond the Whiteboard. All subscriptions are handled through their website.