One of the original workouts that drew people to CrossFit in the early days was “300,” created by Gym Jones, who prepared the cast of the movie by the same name. Over 10 years later, we introduced a new generation of the original with another level of effectiveness. The physical is practically synonymous with the movie “300,” and this workout is hat tip to that physique. It’s designed to smash you and test you. Can you go sub-17:00? 

10 Rounds, for time:
5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
10 Dumbbell Movements* (70/50#)
15 GHD Sit-ups

*Dumbbell Movements:

Rd 1: DB Push Press
Rd 2: DB Burpees
Rd 3: DB Power Cleans
Rd 4: DB Bench Press
Rd 5: DB Lunge
Rd 6: DB Front Squat
Rd 7: DB Bent Over Rows
Rd 8: DB Snatch
Rd 9: DB Deadlifts
Rd 10: DB Thrusters

Fight Club

We created “Fight Club” as a bigger, badder version of the original “Fight Gone Bad” workout. At one time a score of 300 on FGB was the gold standard (like a sub 3 min Fran), and 400 was reserved for just a couple athletes around the world. Fight Club will bring elite athletes back to that originally intended stimulus, while preserving the movement patterns of FGB.

3 Rounds, For Reps:

1:00 Thrusters (96/65#)

1:00 Power Cleans (95/65#)

1:00 Box Jump-Overs (24/20″)

1:00 Pull-ups

1:00 Assault Bike Cals

*Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

Big Bang

Ben uses a handful of benchmarks to test his Games athletes throughout the year. “Big Bang” is one that CompTrain athletes hit at different points during the season. It’s a spinoff of Grace but it’s a much bigger, meatier grind than the leaner, high power test of Grace. One barbell, one movement, lots of reps. It’s sit and suffer vs. clang and bang. Can you go sub 5:00?

For Time:

50 Cleans (225/155#)

Van Damme

We created Van Damme as a really tough Regionals test workout. We’ve mashed up barbell benchmarks (Grace and Isabel) and layered in 30 muscle-ups. The result is an elegant workout that provides a good barometer of where we are throughout the season. Katrin, Brooke and Cole test this one 3-4 times a year.

For Time:

30 Snatches (135/95)

10 Ring Muscle-ups

30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)

10 Ring Muscle-ups

30 Thrusters (135/95)

10 Ring Muscle-ups


Everest was designed as a test. It was named after Mount Everest because accomplishing it is extremely difficult, and—like Everest—most athletes will take it on unsure if they’ll be able to finish it. Like “Diane,” it features a heavy barbell and handstand push-ups, but we’ve upped the ante. Can you go sub-8:00?

21-15-9, For Time:

Back Squats (315/225#)

Strict Handstand Push-ups

Death Race

Low skill, high suffering. Death Race is the evolution of an old CrossFit New England benchmark that featured 3 rounds of 10 cals on the bike and 10 burpees. When members started consistently going sub-3:00, we beefed it up. Death Race is designed to get you to the pain cave… and keep you there. It’s a quicker benchmark, one that will test you as much mentally as physically. It’s a race to the death—how bad do you want it? Can you go sub 5:00?

5 Rounds, For Time:

15/10 Cal Assault Bike

10 Burpees


Bike: Monitors must be reset each round. Someone else can reset your monitor for you.

Burpees: Stand tall and clap overhead, to the standard demonstrated by Cole in video.


Napalm introduces a bit more variety, and features two beefy rounds of gymnastics, weightlifting and conditioning. It’s hefty test of conditioning. Can you finish under 11:00?

2 Rounds, For Time:

10 Bar Muscle-ups

20 Bar-Facing Burpees

30 Deadlifts (225/155#)

40 Wallballs (30/20#)

Girls Gone Wild

We combine classic CrossFit girl workouts a few times a year to test our Games athletes because it’s trend that shows up regularly in competition. This kind of training—go hard, rest, repeat—also carries over well to other areas. Most people have a good feel for their threshold in classics like ’Fran,’ ‘Diane,’ and ‘Amanda’—Girls Gone Wild forces athletes to play with those thresholds in order to thrive through the end. Do you have the engine to complete ‘Fran’ sub-3:00, ‘Diane’ sub-4:00 and ‘Amanda’ sub-5:00?

0:004:00 “Fran”


Thrusters (95/65#)


4:008:00 “Diane”


Deadlifts (225/155#)

Handstand Push-ups

8:0012:00 “Amanda”

9-7-5 Muscle-ups

Squat Snatch (135/95#)

*Athletes can set up 3 different barbells, or have someone else change their weights.

Lucky Sevens

Lucky Sevens was programmed as part of a Games training weekend for our 2018 CrossFit Games athletes. It is a gnarly, more muscular version of “Fran,” with the same lower body push/upper body pull elegance, but with more complex movements. Can you finish under 8:30?

5 Rounds for Time:

7 Bar Muscle-ups

7 DB Squat Clean Thrusters (70s/50s)


Bane brings back a classic CompTrain complex, “Macho Man.” But to get there, you have to be gymnasty. Coupling a high skill gymnastic buy-in with a brute force finish, “Bane” is a challenging test where you need both capacities to find a strong score.


For Time:
40 Handstand Push-ups
20 Muscle-ups
10 Rounds “Macho Man” (185/135#)


For Time:
40 Handstand Push-ups
15 (Male) / 10 (Female) Muscle-ups
10 Rounds “Macho Man” (165/115#)


For Time:
30 Handstand Push-ups
12 (Male) / 8 (Female) Muscle-ups
10 Rounds “Macho Man” (155/105#)


For Time:
25 Handstand Push-ups
10 (Male) / 6 (Female) Muscle-ups
10 Rounds “Macho Man” (135/95#)


For Time:
20 Handstand Push-ups
8 Muscle-ups (Male) / 10 Ring Pull-ups (Female)
10 Rounds “Macho Man” (155/105#)

CompTrain Benchmark Workout - The Joker


Our second Masters benchmark, “Joker” is a midline and forearmtrickster. With ladders climbing in the opposite direction, can you hang on to go unbroken throughout? Is it worth it?

1-10, 10-1

*35-54: 225/155#
*55+: 185/138#


We got “Vader” on tap today, tribe. Last tested in December, this one is pure engine test. ⁣Reps and loading are manageable, and the stimulus is “send it.” Looking to hit everything unbroken, with a big sprint to the finish.⁣


24/17 Cal Row⁣

21 Wallballs (20/14#)⁣

18 DB Snatch (50/35#)⁣

15 Over-the-Erg⁣ Burpe