5 Questions with Katrin Davidsdottir

Monday February 11, 2019
Christine Bald

Last weekend, CompTrain athletes Katrin Davidsdottir and Cole Sager kicked off their 2019 CrossFit Games season in Cape Town, South Africa. CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town was the fourth Sanctional to take place under the new Games format. We caught up with Katrin, who won the event and punched her ticket to the 2019 CrossFit Games, to chat about the event, lessons learned, and what comes next.

Everyone has been freaking out about Sanctionals since the new format was announced. Now that you’ve done one, what are your thoughts? What was it like compared to Regionals?

I think all change is always scary at first. It’s the unknown. You don’t know exactly how the season is going to play out and what the next steps are. But I’ve tried through this whole thing to just remind ourself what our big picture goal is: that has not changed at all and it is to be the best in August. The way to get there is just a little bit different 💥👊🏼😉 but I am excited about and this opens up a lot of different opportunities.

This is definitely very different from regionals. Not your home, your usual competitors, the known workouts, the arena .. it all had a very different feel to it. I will for sure miss regionals 💔 But here is to new things!

We all saw the trail run event and we’re like, “Oh hey there, Blue Hills” How did that trail run compare to Blue Hills back in Boston?

Hahahaha so true! After I finished that event I went right to Ben and told him I was ready for Blue Hills. One time up was not enough. I missed the whole “do it 5x” part 😜🆘☠️ . The hill in Cape Town was not as steep. It felt more like the run we sometimes do at Blue Hills when we go all the way to the top. Shorter, but grindier.

Competition is full of adversity. What kind of adversity did you run into in Cape Town?

This competition was kind of weird for me, I felt very underprepared. NOT in a sense we hadn’t trained well, but I have been dealing with some shoulder issues and we hadn’t fully progressed to all of the movements. We still decided to compete, take everything for what it was and do our best. It was very nervewracking not knowing if I physically COULD do all of the movements and it wasn’t really until the last day that I gained confidence in my shoulders and could trust them. I am SO glad we went through with our plans to compete. It was a good test mentally to stay in the moment, give it what we have each & every time, LEARN and it always fires me up so much to get back to training and IMPROVE 💥👊🏼😜

You have 6 months to train for the Games! What’s going to be your focus going forward?

I really really really want us to be able to show up at the games and COMPETE in every event. I don’t want to have big weaknesses. We are really working on my strength right now, gymnastics movements and then everything that is already a strength for us we need to focus on keeping a strength!!!! I still can’t believe we already have our ticket to the Games and we can start preparing 👏🏼🤩

That African dancing video. Discuss.

I had fun. I will do it again if the opportunity arises. Where the heck did all of Cole’s moves come from?! I am sticking to CrossFit.  🦍💥😂🆘🕺🏼