Competitor 2019 Open Training Format

Thursday February 7, 2019
Harry Palley

The 2019 CrossFit Games Open starts next week. This is our opportunity to put our hard work over the last year to the fire. It’s an exciting, and demanding time, and we look forward to giving it our absolute best every step of the way along with you.

Every Thursday evening, the CompTrain team will be awaiting the announcement with you, ready to put together a full approach guide for the effort the following day. We’ll be working into the early hours on Friday morning fine-tuning and testing, so we definitely want our athletes to get to bed for a full nights rest rather than wait. But when you wake, we look forward to giving you everything we can:

Shortly after the announcement on Thursday evenings:

  • Initial reaction video posted on the CompTrain Instagram


By the time you wake on Friday morning, we’ll have the full post on our SugarWOD tracks (Individuals, Masters, Teens) detailing:

  • Specific 19.X Mobility
  • Specific 19.X Warmup and Primer
  • Full Strategy Written Brief
  • Full Strategy Video and Movement Visuals posted to our Youtube Channel and on our SugarWOD tracks.


Training is over—it’s time to compete.

Over the coming five weeks of competition, our programming schedule will be structured to set our competitors up for success. Once the Open is underway, we’ll follow the same weekly schedule, with the goal of maximizing our potential in each workout. Here’s what it looks like:

While Thursday is typically a rest day, we will be offering an optional “pre-game” session. Think of this as an active recovery day, with the goal of priming your body. Many athletes feel a bit rusty or sluggish after a full rest day, so our aim with the pre-game is to move through basic ranges of motion, break a light sweat, and finish with mobility. This combination leaves us feeling better than when we came in, and chomping at the bit to do more. Shutting it down here, we’ll maximize our recovery while our body is primed for the following day.

On Fridays, we hit the workout. This is not a dry run—we’re going to hit it hard. That’s the mindset you should have: one and done. Now, if you’re trying to qualify for the CrossFit Games via Top 20 in the Open, it’s common knowledge that we’ll re-test on Mondays. But you can’t go into it the first time thinking, If this doesn’t go well I’ll just redo it. We don’t know how we will feel over the weekend, and we don’t even know if our schedules will allow for a re-test. And if we truly don’t go full-speed into this workout, we don’t know how it truly feels. Best to move into Fridays as though Mondays didn’t exist.

Saturdays will be our skills refinement day, followed by some lower-impact fitness. If there are specific standards or skills in the Open announcement that we can refine in preparation for a re-attempt, this is the day we’ll do so. For example: Practicing clearing the HSPU tape line with toes pointing down, or cycling a dumbbell in the air. There will be a lighter conditioning piece programmed after, designed to preserve capacity. We’ll keep the larger goal in mind (the full Open), while we keep our athletes focused on the present – this current competition week.

Sunday is our Rest Day. We’ll have specific mobility relative to the movements of the current Open workout, preparing ourselves for the following day’s effort.

Monday is re-test day. If you want to do your absolute best in the Open, you should absolutely attack it again on Monday. Most of us have spent a year preparing for these workouts, and we want to leave no doubt that our score represents our best effort. It’s a win-win: We will almost always do better on Monday during a retest, and we get fitter by doing the workout on Friday.

Secondly, it’s a unique growth opportunity. Repeating a workout in such a short time span (something we rarely do), gives us the chance to practice a new pacing strategy,  gauge our individual threshold, and walk away with powerful knowledge to apply to future workouts, both in the Open and beyond.

For those who are not looking to compete again on Monday, we will have a second workout posted. This will only be available on the SugarWOD Pro tracks (Individuals, Masters, and Teens). Athletes that fall into this category:

  • Masters and Teens who feel very confident they will move into the Top 200 of their age division by the finish of the Open. Scores are again “wiped clean,” resulting in our Masters and Teens just needing to crack into that number.
  • Athletes looking to use the Open as a training opportunity, and are either looking to compete in full on November (and re-test all Open workouts there), or compete with their absolute best at a sanctioned event.


On Tuesdays we try to get back to the business of fitness. We’ll be fatigued from Monday’s attempt, but we’ll train hard here, building capacities in the movements that may come next. Knowing that we’ll back off a bit on Wednesday in preparation to go hard on Friday, Tuesday becomes our main “training” day during Open season.

Wednesday’s are complete training days, but to a lesser degree than Tuesdays. Controlling our intensity, but maintaining our fitness for the next announced event is our aim here, which we’ll accomplish through specific efforts. Leveraging EMOM’s, practice sections, and lower impact conditioning will set us up for success for the next workout.

Whatever comes our way, we’ll be ready.